athena braclet by trappola di venere

This wonderful bracelet is handmade in Italy to offer our customers extremely high quality objects that maintain their value over time. The bracelet’s unique and extraordinary design blends elegance and craftsmanship.

Inspired by the technique of the Italian goldsmith masters, each detail of the bracelet is meant to enhance the beauty of this timeless piece.

After first drawing the design by hand on a brass plate, our Italian craftsmen then carefully chisel the embossed and engraved design into the metal. The metal is then cleaned and retouched again by chisel if necessary.

The brass plates are then cut and shaped into the form of the bracelet. The final processing is then applied to the plate and secured with rivets. The ends are folded to shape the cuff and the plate is galvanized to give it an old-world European finish.

Our jewelry products are forged from the same processing methods used by the master craftsmen from centuries past and our team is committed to reproducing the same high quality in our pieces as items found in the world’s most renowned museums such as the Louvre (Paris), the Hermitage (St. Petersburg) and the Uffizi Gallery (Florence).


italian jewelry workshop

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